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Kick-start your digital transformation

A successful digital transformation is key to improving Asset Management & Service Management, Quality Assurance & Inspection, and Fulfilment & Delivery.

Link your mobile workforce and assets and combine them into a single end-to-end digital process, save time, and gain new insights to further improve processes.

OrangeNXT provides you with a plug-and-play cloud platform that connects people, devices and data, and allows you to simplify your processes and identify new business opportunities in just four easy steps.

No more expensive customisation – choose ready-to-use solutions in the OrangeNXT Cloud.


The no. 1 out-of-the-box IoT Cloud

Predictive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, and Asset Management are all applications that conNXT can provide in an instant.

conNXT is a management and monitoring system that enables you to remotely manage your assets and detect, or even predict, incidents. Since all the features you need are included from the get-go – roles, rights, device management, a real-time monitoring dashboard, a whole array of reporting options, to name just a few – once you’ve completed the configuration, you’re good to go.

The no. 1 SaaS solution for mobile workforces

With mobileNXT, you can create your own custom app on a standard platform, giving field service engineers, logistics staff, parcel delivery services and auditors a ‘pocket-sized office’.

The mobileNXT default features include planning, field staff tracking, notification of customers or your own organisation, and the possibility to add extra features to create a mobile workforce that acts as the eyes and ears of your business.

digitalNXT: The no. 1 AI platform for digital transformation

Digitisation of end-to-end processes and data collection in each stage of the process can be incredibly profitable – especially when internal and external data are combined, like for traffic and weather forecasts.

digitalNXT is an AI platform designed to optimise the entire chain of activities involved in asset management, service management, quality assurance & inspection, and fulfilment & delivery – from planning engineers and services to complete life-cycle management of your assets, and from parcel delivery to value-added service processing.

Don’t wait any longer – start today

While each business is unique, the underlying processes are often very similar. OrangeNXT used these similarities to develop three plug-and-play platforms based on standard building blocks, which you can configure to your specific business processes – a highly convenient solution to get your own digital transformation off to a great start. You can completely avoid the hassle of tedious development and implementation processes, because all the features you need are available ‘as a service’. Don’t wait any longer; connect to OrangeNXT Cloud now.

A digital solution

We developed a digital solution for beer brand Bavaria’s distribution chain to digitise the entire distribution network and allow them to monitor their processes in real-time.

Drivers can now view their driving route directly on their smartphone and confirm a delivery to a customer with a simple tap on the screen. If a driver is delayed due to heavy traffic or any other unforeseen circumstances, the customer is notified accordingly and the new arrival time is recalculated in real time.

Monitoring ánd managing

Hytech uses our platform to manage and monitor its digital scales, which are located at as many as 3,300 PostNL sites.

The service engineers who install new scales and service the installed base have a mobile app that uses predictive maintenance to indicate which scales need service and when. This has led to incredible improvements: both the back-office workload and incidents have been reduced significantly.

Collecting train diagnostics

International engineering and consultancy firm Ricardo Rail provides maintenance services to railway organisations including ProRail and NS Support.

Ricardo Rail contracted us to develop a platform for collecting and analysing diagnostic data. This platform enables data-driven decision-making in a wide variety of areas, such as predictive maintenance.

An IOT-solution for boilers

We provided Remeha, a manufacturer of water and space heating systems, with an IoT solution that enables remote reading of boiler data.

Routine servicing can now be replaced by predictive maintenance. If a boiler does need to be repaired or serviced, the engineer can check its status on their mobile device, assess the situation and arrive on site with the right equipment and parts to fix it.

Managing maintenance activities

Engie UK and Engie Belgium use OrangeNXT to manage their maintenance operations through integration with the ERP system’s maintenance module.

The platform is extremely user-friendly, enabling users to create and edit mobile forms with no IT assistance at all, thereby continuously improving and expanding the self-managed platform’s functionality.

More than just letters & packages

Belgian postal operator Bpost and its 12,000 delivery staff do far more than deliver letters and parcels alone.

They are also responsible for all manner of other projects commissioned by external parties, including, for example, the inspection of public spaces on behalf of local authorities, or performing minor maintenance work, such as replacing a defective router on behalf of an internet provider. The OrangeNXT platform ensures that they can efficiently integrate new services into mobile applications, and remove them just as easily when the service ends.

Case bPost voor de mobile workforce

Logistic flows from Rotterdam

Thanks to our expertise, container terminal ECT can now track their logistic flows from Rotterdam to more remote areas.

ECT uses the OrangeNXT platform to track and trace freight transported by logistics service providers, including transhipment between the intermediate DCs. The platform also enables communication between ECT, their logistics service providers and their end customers in all European languages.

Automatically recognizing asphalt damage

We developed a self-learning image-recognition algorithm for construction firm BAM, which enables fully automatic identification and labelling of asphalt damage based on video images.

Inspections previously carried out by highly skilled staff who spent all day analysing video images, has now become a fully automated process, and a second opinion is now only required in the event of doubt. BAM can make sure these people are assigned more important duties that are more in line with their skills.

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